Cleaning general

UT entered into a contract with Asito for the cleaning maintenance of the UT buildings. The contract is a results-based contract. Quality requirements (cleanliness requirements) have been determined per room category. The cleaning company is obliged to provide the contracted quality. How this result is achieved is the responsibility of the supplier. The cleaning company is free to determine in which ways and how often a room needs to be cleaned within the preconditions set in the contract. The basic principle is that it meets the set requirements. The cleaning company anticipates changing occupation and soiling of rooms.

Quality inspection cleaning

Six times a year, the company Intexso performs quality inspections in all University buildings. These inspections are performed on the basis of the requirements set in the contract. The results of these inspections are discussed with the faculty and service contacts of the buildings in question. More information on the quality inspections is also available.

Cleaning method

A range of materials is used during cleaning, including a micro-fibre cloth, the benefit of which is that it is more sustainable and ergonomic. Moreover, these cloths have a special structure thanks to which the dirt immediately clings to the cloth and no cleaning agents are required. Only a minimum amount of water is required because the dirt and grease cling to the cloth instead of dissolve in water.

Windows cleaning

The façade windows (including frames) are cleaned at least once a year. You will receive a message when this has been planned.

Order method

For all questions and comments regarding cleaning, you can contact your building's Service Desk. Should your building not have a Service Desk, contact the general Service Desk at telephone number: (+31) (0)53 - 489 2400

Delivery period

The standard services are performed daily based on set cleanliness requirements. Cleaning direction takes place in mutual deliberation.


If you have requests for cleaning activities that are not covered by the contract (directed activities), then you can contact your building's Service Desk.

You can find an overview of the most common requests below. (price level 2016, prices ex. VAT)

Directed activities



PC cleaning (dusting exterior of screen and keyboard)

Price per item


Carpet cleaning (spray extraction method)

Price per m2


Top stripping and conservation (dual layered)

Price per m2


Stripping/sealing and conservation (dual layered)

Price per m2


Conserving new linoleum floors (one layer)

Price per m2


Cleaning printer

Price per item


Cleaning horizontal blinds

Price per m2


Cleaning vertical blinds

Price per m2


Cleaning lace curtains

Price per m2


Cleaning curtains

Price per m2


Renovation cleaning

Price per m2


Scrubbing hard floors

Price per m2


Spraying Forbo floors

Price per m2


Cleaning refigerator

Price per item


Cleaning microwave oven

Price per item


Cleaning display cabinet

Price per item



Contract management: CFM Facility Services (via General Servicedesk)
Operational management: Facility Service Team Leader
Operational execution: Asito

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