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Service desk ICT

The Service Desk ICT is the first point of contact should you have questions or problems relating to the ICT facilities. The Service Desk:

  • supports ICT users at the reception desk or remotely using a remote desktop tool;
  • is responsible for the intake of requests from users for standard products and services;
  • is responsible for dealing with incidents: registration, analysis and progress monitoring of change requests and fault reports;
  • provides information about LISA products and services;
  • provides information to users, varying from manuals to communication when services are interrupted.

The Service Desk is “skilled”, in other words, its employees deal immediately with most questions and requests for support. If requests cannot be dealt with within quarter of an hour, or if remote service is not possible, after registration, the Service Desk will send the request for support to the 2nd line support and will monitor the progress.

  • Requests

    No delivery time applies to this service.

  • Costs

    In most cases, the Service Desk support is totally free of charge. You can find more information about the costs on the rates page.

  • Delivery

    As a student, employee or third party, you can immediately utilise the help offered by the Service Desk. Depending on the question or the problem, it may take more time for the Service Desk to assist you.

  • Support

    For support, use the self-service page and the manuals. Should you have any other questions or should a fault occur, please contact the Service Desk ICT.

  • Additional information

    The Service Desk ICT is situated at the Citadel entrance O&O plaza. Situated there also are the Notebook Service Centre and the Students Network Twente Help Desk, so that all employees and students can go to one central place with all of their ICT-related questions.

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