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Research data is often regarded as the crown jewels of science. It forms the basis of the results of scientific work. The quality of research results is also determined by the possibility of verification by means of the underlying datasets (see Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, 3.2 art. 12a). Besides that, scientific development will benefit from sharing and reuse of research data. Good preservation forms the basis of verification, sharing and reuse of the research data.

Data preservation or archiving aims in the first place at preventing physical data loss or destruction and securing the authenticity of data. Besides, it contributes to the quality and impact of your scientific work by enabling verification and possible reuse, for instance for further analysis or follow-up, new research or as a contribution to a data resource for the scientific community. Preservation of data is also needed in case of a data publication: a journal article about a specific data set.

Watch this video from DANS-KNAW in which scientists explain the importance of preserving the data of their research in a sustainable way.

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