Offline marketing activities

Various offline resources, such as printed resources, presentations, and education fair materials, are used for the bachelor and master target groups. The educational programmes are represented in the general bachelor's brochure and in the general master's brochure. You can find materials for education fairs and the presentations used during recruitment events on this website.


Brochure PDFs

The most recent version of all brochures is available on our agent & ambassador page.


Bachelor, Master, TGS en ATLAS brochure

Target group

Prospective Dutch and international students

General brochures

  • Bachelor: general brochure
  • Bachelor: ATLAS brochure
  • Master brochure
  • Twente Graduate School general brochure

The current version of the brochure is available on the page for agents.

County specific brochures

Country flyers (Bachelor & Master) for about 10 countries: available on the page for agents.

Education fair materials

If you will be going to an education fair, then you can ask the marketing department for informational and promotional materials.

Target group

-Bachelor: pupils in their 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th years of pre-university education (NL & INT)

-Master: UT Bachelor's students and international/national Bachelor's university students, Twente Graduate School & Professionals (NL & INT)


To familiarize students with the educational programmes offered by the University of Twente, provide them with information and make them enthusiastic about them.

If you will be going to an education fair, then you will need to make some arrangements in advance. All of the information you need is contained in the presentation below.

The marketing department has the following materials available

  • Various fair stands and banners (NL/DE/INT and MSc/BSc)\
  • Banners printed in the UT house style
  • General master's brochures
  • Flyers for specific countries
  • Bachelor's brochures in English
  • Bachelor's brochures in Dutch
  • Branded gadgets
  • Exchange brochure

Other materials

  • TGS brochure

How to request materials

You can request these materials from the education fairs contact Hanna Dinkelbach.

Post mailings


Mail for promotion of the University of Twente

Target group

Students, deans, secondary schools, HBO institutions


Orientation, informing about and enthuse for studies and the University of Twente


A few times per academic year

An example of a mailing:

Presentations for school visits 

The latest versions of the presentations can be found here (intranet). Presentations are in a .zip file, including a video. When problems occur during the presentation, it is possible to start the video outside of the presentation. Make sure QuickTime is installed on the computer that is used for the presentation.

Not all presentations are of sufficient quality, but at least for now every study has a working presentation. Improvements for the presentations can be passed on to

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