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Information about the UT visual identity, printed materials, related templates and download is available on our visual identity pages (Dutch version). General contact details:, room Spiegel 003. 

M.G.M. Nijhuis - Morshuis (Mirjam)
M.G.M. Nijhuis - Morshuis (Mirjam)
Communications officer Traffic (visual identity and printed materials)
C.W.G. Middelkamp - Elisen (Karin)
C.W.G. Middelkamp - Elisen (Karin)
Communication officer Traffic (visual identity and printed materials)


The Servicedesk team of Online Media (Marketing & Communications) can help you with all questions about UT websites (systems like WebHare or People Pages) and social media. Considering email, we can help you with requesting functional mailboxes and (advice about) sending mass mail like newsletters and invitations. You can find our manuals for UT website systems online (Dutch version).

T: 053-489 5665, or Microsoft Teams chat


The Study Information Centre of the UT is located on the ground floor of the Spiegel building (P112). 

E: / Contact the coördinator
T: 053-489 5489

Alumni office

The alumni office is located on the ground floor of the Spiegel building (P109) next to the Study Information Centre. The public alumni pages are available on (Dutch version:

T: 053-489 2104

Contact persons / Specialists

The contact persons (per faculty) for student recruitment can be found in the Marketing department. The Communication department has specific contact persons per faculty and per institute. You can also find a contact person in the Communications department for most services.


MC is spread over four departments, each with its own communication specialism. 

  • Organogram


  • Marketing

    The Marketing department is responsible for the marketing of the programmes available at the University of Twente and focuses primarily on attracting students for bachelor’s and master’s programmes of the 3rd level. The purpose of the department is to enhance the inflow and recruitment, with a proper balance in quality and quantity. The department’s core tasks are the tightening and realisation of the recruitment policy, preparing and implementing the annual plan, and action plans for the programmes, recruitment & PR (events, activities, resources), editing, design & production of (online) means of communication, management and further development of the CRM system, management reporting for insight into conversion and performance, commitment and coordination of the Study Information Office and student teams, an advisory role towards the Executive Board and faculties on the use of marketing, recruitment and PR.

  • Communication

    The Department of Corporate Communication is responsible for the development and execution of the entire communication policy of the University of Twente. It also translates the institutional strategy into a systematic deployment of communication to various targets: internal communication to employees and students, external communication to alumni and other relations of the university. The department is responsible for the brand awareness, i.e. monitoring the image and corporate branding of our university, namely ‘high tech, human touch’. Other tasks include advising the Executive Board, institutes, directorates and service departments on communication strategy, policy and other communication issues.

    The department develops corporate campaigns and communication formats, such as the corporate brochure, the annual report, the magazine and newsmail. Furthermore, it organises corporate events such as open days, congresses and official visits. The Traffic team is responsible for the realisation of media, design and printed matter, audiovisuals and the development of corporate gifts. For the time being, the Department of Corporate Communication is also responsible for the academic ceremonies such as the ‘Opening academic year’, ‘Dies celebration’, ‘Innovation lecture’ and inaugural speeches.

  • Medialab

    The Medialab team focuses on media and innovation, primarily supporting the inflow goal of the UT. In addition, we help to strengthen the online profile and visibility of the UT brand. We do this by advising, inspiring and training colleagues and together with them developing digital products that enable us to achieve the UT goals. The team coordinates all tasks in the field of printing, corporate identity, brand architecture, audiovisual productions, websites and social media within the UT.

  • Alumni & Development Office


    As part of the Alumni & Development Office, the Alumni Office initiates, coordinates and supports the University of Twente’s alumni policy. To ensure that this policy is carried out effectively, the Office works together closely with each individual degree programme, as well as with the programmes’ study and alumni associations. The Office’s duties include supporting the programmes by managing the central alumni database, using this database to send out mailings, and providing advice based on good practices. Further responsibilities include maintaining relationships with former staff and others in the university’s network, as well as supporting the University of Twente Ambassador Network. If you’re curious about the Alumni Office’s work, visit the alumni website or the Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation programme’s alumni website.


    The Alumni & Development Office provides policy support regarding the management of the Twente University Fund and coordinates the allocation of its financial resources. The Office also organises fundraising activities, which include an annual campaign targeted at alumni, former staff and external relations, managing donations from high-net-worth individuals, and raising money via its crowdfunding platform
    Another important task of the Alumni & Development Office is to support researchers looking to connect with charities, asset funds, family foundations and high-net-worth individuals. In addition, the Office maintains contacts with banks and notaries with the aim of promoting the University of Twente as a potential charity. Finally, the Office is responsible for both large- and small-scale fundraising campaigns commissioned by the Executive Board, various institutes and researchers. For more information about the Twente University Fund, visit their webpage.


I.M. Richters (Ingrid)
I.M. Richters (Ingrid)
Secretary Communication & Medialab department

Website team

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