Return Material Authorisation (RMA)

Notebooks and monitors are purchased by the University of Twente through a European tender. The guidelines and procedure below apply to the RMA processing (guarantee processing) of faulty computers and monitors.

  • The RMA processing of all standard monitors and standard notebooks that are purchased after 1 January 2010 is dealt with by LISA.
  • The RMA processing of all standard desktops that are purchased after 1 May 2010 will be dealt with by LISA.
  • The RMA processing of all non-standard (customised) monitors, desktops and notebooks will be dealt with jointly and in good mutual consultation by Purchasing and LISA. Both the Service desk ICT and Purchasing can be approached for this.
  • The RMA processing of all notebooks and monitors that were purchased before 1 January 2010 and all desktops that are purchased before 1 May 2010 will be dealt with by purchasing.

RMA Procedure in the event of this being dealt with by LISA

In the event of hardware problems with computers or monitors that are purchased through the European tender, the following procedure applies:

  1. After reporting the incident, a call with a description of the complaint is created by a service desk staff member or on-the-job trainer. 
  2. The on-the-job trainer makes a diagnosis immediately, adds that to the call and informs the service desk of this.
  3. Within 4 hours of the complaint being reported, the on-the-job trainer exchanges the computer or monitor with a service device. When the computer is exchanged, the hard disk is removed from the faulty computer and placed in the replacement model (of course this only applies if the hard disk is not broken). The on-the-job trainer will register the exchange.
  4. The on-the-job trainer will ensure that the MAC address from the replacement model is put under the name of the user.
  5. The service desk will report the problem to the supplier and when doing so will inform the supplier of the front office location where the faulty machine can be repaired.
  6. The supplier provides an RMA number and will report when an engineer will arrive.
  7. The service desk adds the RMA number to the call.
  8. The engineer will go to the front office location to repair the machine. In the uncommon instances when an engineer has to take a machine away, he will sign for receipt and agreements will be made about returning the machine. This will be communicated to Security and the hard disk will be replaced by an empty hard disk, or the information on the disk will be deleted.
  9. The on-the-job trainer will test the repaired machine.
  10. The on-the-job trainer will return the repaired machine to the user, if applicable the hard disk will again be exchanged, and the MAC address in RUN will be corrected.
  11. The on-the-job trainer closes the call.


  • Contact persons for RMA processing work at the Service desk ICT; they are responsible for monitoring the calls.
  • LISA works with 4 front office locations where engineers can be sent. These are:
  1. Horst
  2. Zilverling
  3. Citadel
  4. ITC

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