An ORCID iD is a 16-digit number that serves as a unique identifier for a researcher. The identifier can be linked to a researcher’s work, e.g. articles, data sets or posters. Once you have connected all your work to a unique ORCID iD, you can use this identifier to share your information with other systems. When you create an ORCID iD, you automatically have an ORCID account where you can add research contributions to your ORCID record.

  • Create an ORCID iD
    1. Go to orcid.org/register
    2. Fill out the form and click on register (we recommend choosing ‘everyone’ under visibility settings. The following steps are based on that setting.)
    3. You are asked if you don’t already have an ORCID iD. If you recognize any of the suggested profiles as your own, select it and move on to step 5. If you need to register a new one (we don’t recommend creating more than one ORCID iD), click on none of these is mine, continue with my registration.
    4. Go to your mailbox and in the verification email that you have received from ORCID, click on verify your email address. Your ORCID account will open in a new tab or screen. You are now ready to build an ORCID record.
  • Add research contributions to your ORCID record
    1. To import information about publications and other works into your ORCID record, there are several options. Go to the works tab and click on add works > search & link, and choose which sources you want to import information from. Under add works you can also choose to import information via an ArXiv or PubMed ID, via DOI’s, or by entering information manually.   
    2. To add information to your ORCID record via University of Twente Research Information (Pure), log in at ris.utwente.nl
    3. Click on edit profile under your profile picture
    4. Click on authorize export of content
    5. In the connnect with your ORCID ID window, click on proceed
    6. Click on sign in in case you already have an ORCID iD, or fill out the form to create an ORCID iD. Once you have authorized the export from Pure to your ORCID record, it can take up to 24 hours before the export actually takes place.

    A step-by-step manual about Pure and ORCID can be found on this page with quick reference cards about Pure.

  • Import your ORCID record into Pure
    1. Log in at ris.utwente.nl, click on edit profile under your profile picture
    2. Under the metadata tab click on add an existing ORCID to add your ORCID iD
    3. Under the automated search tab, set the switch next to ORCID to on. This allows University of Twente Research Information (Pure) to automatically import your ORCID record. For each item in your ORCID record, you have to choose whether or not you want to add it to Pure.
  • Advantages of ORCID for researchers
    • An ORCID iD distinguishes you from others, even those who share your name.
    • Your ORCID record is independent from any organization you are,  have been, or will be affiliated with.
    • ORCID increases your visibility through automated linkages between you and your professional activities.
    • An ORCID iD can save you time when applying for funding, jobs, and when submitting research to online publication platforms
    • An ORCID record allows you to gain recognition for grants, awards, or other types of funding that you have received. More info
    • An ORCID record allows you to gain recognition for your peer reviewing activities for trusted organizations. More info
    • ORCID is supported by major research organizations, funders, societies and publishers such as the Dutch KNAW and te University of Twente. More info
    • ORCID is not for profit: your data is not tracked or sold. More info

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