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Zoom is a video communications platform. It can be used for non-confidential one-on-one or group meetings.

  • Description

    Zoom is a video communications platform. It can be used for non-confidential one-on-one or group meetings. Although Zoom is available for the UT, we recommend using Teams or Canvas for online meetings whenever possible. Privacy is better guaranteed in these applications.

  • Costs

    No costs are charged.

  • Conditions

    Zoom is automatically set up for each employee and student as soon as they enter the service. The system requirements can be found here:

  • Support

    For questions or more information, please contact the Service Desk ICT


  • For general questions, please refer to the FAQ of Zoom:

  • How do I logon?

    Log on to Zoom via Click on Sign-In and you will be directed to the SURFconext portal. Please, use your UT e-mail address logging in.

    For logging in to the Zoom application, select Sign In with SSO and use utwente-nl for the Company Domain.

  • How can I schedule a meeting?

  • Where can I download the Zoom client?

    All the Zoom clients can be found here:  For logging on to the Zoom application, select Sign In with SSO and use utwente-nl for the Company Domain.

  • How can I use Zoom as safely as possible?

    Only use Zoom for conversations that do not contain privacy-sensitive data. Think before the meeting about what people will see or hear if you join the meeting. Close any windows that you do not want others to see. These tips apply to the use of any kind of video conference service.

  • How many people can join my meeting?

    You can host meetings with unlimited minutes for up to 300 participants.

  • Can I use Zoom for large meetings or webinars?

    Within the standard Zoom license it is not possible to have more than 300 participants in a meeting or to set up a Zoom Webinar. We do have a small number of licenses available to temporarily assign to a Zoom account, so that the number of participants can be increased. Please contact the Service Desk ICT for this and state the period for which this is necessary and how many participants are expected.

  • Can I use the Zoom Marketplace apps?

    Marketplace is a part of Zoom that allows third-party apps to be downloaded. This is a global service, not localized in the EU. It is expected that Marketplace will eventually be available, but only when the data can be stored in the EU. For now, the service is not available.

  • How can I use Breakout Rooms?

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