Mobile telephony: voicemail settings


Listen to Voicemail

You can listen to your voicemail by calling 1233. 

Turn on/off voicemail

You can turn on/off voicemail (also temporary) through My T-Mobile. You can create a My T-Mobile account through their website: (Dutch only).

Missed calls SMS

An automatic SMS will be sent to you when you were called at a moment of unavailability. This SMS message is free of charge, in The Netherlands as well as abroad. This SMS is only sent by known, non-private numbers. You can turn this setting on/off trough My T-Mobile.

Listen to your voicemail from abroad or with alternate phone
It’s also possible to listen to your voicemail from abroad or with alternate phone. You have to set a pin code to do so:

  • Call 1233
  • Choose 9
  • Choose option 2
  • Choose option 2

You can also call 1233 from abroad. In that case enter your pin code. Using an alternate phone you can call + 316 2400 1233.

Forgotten Voicemail pin code

  • Call 1233, or with an alternate phone to +316 2400 1233
  • Enter your mobile telephone number
  • Press # when asked for your pin code
  • The pin code will be sent by SMS to your mobile number

Install Voicemail welcoming message

  • Call 1233
  • Choose option 9
  • Choose option 2
  • Choose option 1
  • Make a choice: a personal welcoming message (recorded by yourself), a standard welcoming message with your telephone number, or a standard welcoming message with your name (recorded by yourself).
  • Confirm by pressing #

Function codes

If you are using function codes on your telephone, e.g. Forwarding, you have to reinstall these function codes yourself. Attention: the function codes are different than the former codes!

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