UT Drive

For employees and students

Service for additional storage capacity for internal UT project data or research data. The data is stored in the UT data centres.

This service is suitable for the storage of large data volumes. Examples include large quantities of media content (documents, video and audio) and research data. The UT Drive data areas are made available under UT.


  • Uses a storage cluster where the data between both UT data centres is synchronised asynchronously. Should one of these data centres go down, the other data centre has to be selected manually. The service will then not be available for some time. The storage cluster is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified. The storage cluster uses many disks and offers high data storage capacity;
  • Includes antivirus defences, ransomware protection and backups;
  • Data areas are made available through the SMB or NFS protocol;
  • > 1TB data area;
  • Files can be recovered to a maximum of 31 days using Previous Versions. A version is stored every day;
  • Cannot be used offline;
  • Not suitable as a tool for collaborating with external parties (non-UT). This requires a special x account to be applied for;
  • UT Group Manager can be used to configure permissions;
  • eduVPN is required for SMB connections outside of the UT network.


Can be accessed using SMB (\\ad.utwente.nl\) or Webdrive.


You can submit a UT Drive request at the Self Service Portal.


More information about UT Drive costs and conditions will be available through the Self Service Portal.


A UT Drive data area is usually made available within two working days following approval of the request by the budget holder.


Please, refer to the manuals for support or contact the Service Desk ICT for more information or other questions.

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