Additional customised data storage options for employees

Through the UT Work-environment (at UT-campus and/or at home), employees have three types of storage locations at their disposal; these are also called shares. These storage locations can be used to:

  • safely store data;
  • share data with one another;
  • install software, use templates, etc.;
  • restore data.

Specific information about store and share research data can be found on our Web page about Research Data Management.

  • Description

    If you only use your local hard disk on your computer, no back-up is created of your files. Should a fault occur with your UT Work-environment, the data on the hard disk could be deleted and all of this data will be lost. To prevent this type of data loss, you must store critical data on the specified central hard disks. Three standard shares have been created for this UT Work-environment:

    • My documents/Home drive;
    • Project and organization documents;
    • UT supply of documents (including house style and software).
  • Request

    These shares are set up as standard on your UT (MS-Win) Work-environment at campus. Therefore no request has to be submitted. If the shares are, however, not available on your UT Work-environment (at UT-campus and/or at home),  you can still do this yourself (see the manuals). Additional space can be requested for the home drive. The standard 10GB can by example be extended to 20GB or 40GB. This can be requested through/via the Service Desk.

  • Costs

    If the use of the shares remains below 10GB, no additional costs will be charged. If the 10GB space is extended to 20GB or 40GB[M1], additional costs will be charged to the faculty or service. For more information about these additional costs, please consult the rates page.

  • Conditions

    To access these storage shares you must have a valid UT-ICT account and a UT network address (UT-Workstation / VPN).

  • Delivery

    No delivery time applies to this service. Extension of the storage space is arranged immediately.

  • Support

    A back-up is made of all data stored on these centralized shares. This back-up is saved for about 1 month and can only be used in the event of emergencies, such as non-functioning of a server. PLEASE NOTE! Beside the option of the use of previous version in the Microsoft Office environment, this back-up cannot be used to restore individual files.

    For support, use the self-service page and the manuals. Should you have any other questions or should a fault occur, please contact the Service Desk ICT.

  • Additional information

    Three different groups of files can be stored on the three directories that are set-up by default on your UT Work-environment at the campus. Below is a short description of the three directories.

    Home drive

    This drive is intended to be used to store your own work documents. These documents are your personal documents and are not to be shared with other people. If you work for multiple organizations, or if you relocate to a different organization, this directory will remain the same. This disk space is by default limited to 10 GB. You will receive a warning by email before you reach this limit.

    Project and organization share

    This share is intended to offer project data and organization data and to share data with one another. In this share, you will only see those areas of companies, associations, projects or groups of which you are a member.

    UT share

    Various documents are offered by the UT that are of importance for the entire UT. An example is the UT house style with template information.

  • Tariff


    For every order (including connected consecutive orders) a startup fee will be charged. Please consult your LISA Account manager in order to determine the storage capacity you need or the suitable backup-scheme and the backup-capacity you need.

    Start-Up Fee


    € 30,00

    Storage Normal Quality

    Asynchronous replicated storage (only additional and/or changed data will be replicated per 6 hours).

    Daily snapshot backup, storage time: 28 days.

    In the event of a 1 data center failure, the aim is to make the data available again within 1 day.

    Costs per TB/Year see rates pages.

    Storage (High Quality)

    Synchronous replicated storage.

    Daily snapshot backup, storage time 31 days

    Antivirus and anti-ransomware checks

    Data remains available online through the second datacenter if the first datacenter fails.

    Costs per TB/Year see rates pages.

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