Document management

Effectively handling your information is crucial in your day-to-day tasks. From a legal standpoint, it is imperative to preserve essential documents, or more precisely, records. Any information generated, transmitted, or received as part of your work-related duties constitutes a record. These records may exist on paper, digital, or other forms, serving as tangible proof of your research and business endeavors.

Our Services

The Achive and Document Management (ADM) department assists in overseeing the lifecycle of your documents. It ensures the identification and preservation of records with historical, fiscal, and legal significance, while also ensuring the timely disposal of non-essential records in accordance with Dutch guidelines and relevant legislation. We can help in various subjects, including:  

  • Advise: receive consultation on analyzing your document flow and managing records throughout your project 
  • Archiving: receive support in scanning, disposition and archiving records in alignment with a service level agreement (SLA) 
  • Transfer: securely store inactive records, whether they are in paper, digital or other formats 
  • Digitization: transition to a paperless office by comprehending paper workflows and implementing solutions to digitization.  


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