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Lean: Continuous improvement at the UT

In order to achieve our goals, being able to work together on complex issues that have an impact on society is essential. This requires an effective and efficient way of working, the development of matching skills and the knowledge that it is OK to make mistakes as long as we learn from it. We want to become a learning and improving organization.

For this we strive to work according to the Lean principles and to implement improvements in short sprints, such as within Agile Scrum.  Lean stands for delivering value for the customer in the most effective way possible. Each department also has its own objectives, in line with the ambitions of the UT organization, in order to be able to achieve the agreed quality. When we observe that targets are not met, the goal is to improve together.  To do this, it is important to have the right skills, both on an individual and team level. Through courses or training-on-the-job, everyone, individually or per team, can learn more about this. 

To develop personal skills, you can register via the UT coursefinder – personal effectiveness for the following training courses:
* Lean green belt
* Agile scrum

If you want to work as a team on a specific issue, we have the following workshops available:
* Structured-problem solving
* Improve the process
* Projects aligned with ambitions
* Personal preferred styles in collaboration (MBTI)
* Guidance and facilitation on the improvement of a specific topic
If you are interested in one of these workshops, please contact José Franken about this

Lean community

Following a training is often the beginning of the journey. Becoming really proficient in applying, even in complex situations, requires experience.  For this reason, everyone with a training in the field of lean or agile is welcome in the UT lean community. Within the community we organize master classes and create the opportunity for peer-group learning. The following activities are planned:

Upcoming Events: Save the date
  • 15 juni 2023, 13:00-17:00
    Masterclass Kaizen structured problem solving: Lokatie U-park hotel

Through the Lean community mailing list, colleagues are invited to participate. If you are lean trained (at least lean green belt) and want to sign up for this mailing list, please send a message to José Franken.

Do you want to know more about the general principles of lean? Take a look at this GoodHabitz 'lean' training.
Do you want to know more about agile scrum (within IT organizations): View this GoodHabitz 'Agile scrum' training

Would you like to know more about the approach to continuous improvement at the UT? Watch the video of University of Serious improvers:


Would you like more information or would you like guidance on an improvement initiative? Please contact our Lean program coordinator, José Franken via j.c.m.franken@utwente.nl.

For ideas, comments or adjustments to this page, please email webteam-hr@utwente.nl

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