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Replace door cylinders

Installing or changing a door cylinder in an office, archive room, or meeting room due to a move or for safety reasons is the internal service’s job. There are options for installing simultaneously closing cylinders within a single group, but it depends on the building’s closing plan.

Ordering method

You can turn to the building’s Servicedesk to make you wishes known. The internal service will change the cylinder themselves. The service desk may ask for your UT ID. Door cylinders are not always kept in stock; the internal service will take care of ordering the cylinder and the corresponding keys. All cylinders and keys always remain the property of the Facility Department.

Delivery time

The delivery time of ordered cylinders and their corresponding keys is four to six weeks.


The costs for a cylinder plus three keys amounts to around € 75. An OFI number has to be specified.


Replacing cylinders falls within the internal service’s purview. Ordering new cylinders is handled by the service desk of the relevant building. The relevant service desk also handles the registration of cylinders.

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