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Plant care (purchase and maintenance)

From 1 May 2015 onwards, a framework contract was entered into with Flora Nova Interieurbeplanting BV (formerly known as Anticimex Plant Care) for the purchase and maintenance of interior plants, plants and seasonal decoration. Giving plant advice for all questions regarding plants from UT is a part of this contract.

Order Method

New Plants

We made a selection of the strongest plants that are suitable for an office environment. Flora Nova Interieurbeplanting is also the place to be for planters. For the images of the products on offer, see download options below (documents are in Dutch). Please note that you have to log in to be able to see and download them. Of course, it is possible to deviate from this selection. However, it remains useful to have Flora Nova assess the order for possibilities and impossibilities before making a final decision. Apart from specific amounts of light, different plants also have other requirements. For every order, Flora Nova will do this assessment and, if necessary, make the right choice in mutual deliberation. If you have other wishes or questions, or if you would like advice on the plants, then also contact


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Contact information


Flora Nova Interieurbeplanting BV


Telephone number

(+31) (0)344 - 651324

Price offer

Within 5 working days

Delivery period

2-4 weeks


Leasing plants for an event is done via the Booking Office: (+31) (0)53 - 489 1010.


Various forms of maintenance are possible within the framework contract. See this link for the options and activities that will be performed. This way, you will always have the opportunity to have Flora Nova take care of all the plants upon purchasing them.


The costs of plants, planters and maintenance can be found in the above downloads. Please note that you have to log in to be able to see and download them. Maintenance is included for the lease of planters. Maintenance is optional for the purchase of planters.

At the end of the full lease period, leased planters become owned.

VAT rates are as follows:

  • Planters, filling and silk plants 21%
  • Plants 6 %

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