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University Information Management (UIM) focuses on the integration of an ICT policy within the organizational objectives, values and culture of the University of Twente. It does this on the basis of architectural principles that are divided into business, application and technology principles.


For the integration of the IT policy, UIM draws up a number of architecture principles which meet a set of criteria (understandable, robust, complete, consistent and stable) and which ensure that the architecture provides added value to and fits within the organization.


In practice, this means that, for example, changes will only be implemented when there is a need for them, that as much unity as possible is provided, leading to less customized work, that services are offered to staff and students via the internet, etc. Below are different documents that contain the principles and governance of the UT architecture. Furthermore, there is a wiki that contains all information regarding the digital architecture of the UT. This can be found here. All employees concerned with the digital architecture can join the Microsoft Teams group through this link

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