Smart devices / Internet of Things

A separate wireless network has been set up specifically for Smart Devices and Internet of Things applications: "UThings".

The preferred network for wireless connections is still eduroam; but there are devices that cannot handle the security settings that are used on that network. For the average "smart refrigerator" it is usually impossible to connect to a WPA2-Enterprise protected wireless network.

Access to the UThings network is provided on a per-device basis. You can register the devices you want to connect by contacting the Service Desk ICT. You will need to provide the wireless MAC address of your device to be able to complete registration.

  • Technical information

    Devices on UThings are given a publicly accessible IP address. By default we provide firewalling of inbound communications to your device as it is generally not recommended for Smart/IoT devices to be reachable directly from the internet. You can however request unfiltered access to your device if required.

    We do not provide any option for a static IP addressing on UThings but it is possible to request a fixed hostname for your device.

  • Conditions

    In order to use the network, you must agree to the code of conduct.

  • Support

    Support is available by way of manuals or by contacting the Service Desk ICT.

  • Costs

    If you have a university provided account there is no additional cost for using the UThings network. For commercial use see the section below.

  • Availability

    UThings is available in all buildings affiliated with UT.

  • Commercial use

    Companies located on campus wanting to provide UThings access via their own equipment can request access by way of a Local Loop connection. Click here for more information.

    If people from outside the UT want to connect a device  to the UThings network they have to pay a fee for the local loop connection and registration of every MAC address connected to the UThings network. The minimum period of time is 1 year. Please contact your ICT account manager for further details.

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