Glass Fibre Connection - FTTH - campus residents (incl FAQ)


Residents who live on De Achterhorst, Reelaan, Drienerbeeklaan and Langenkampweg on the campus are able to request an Internet connection by fiber glass, called Fiber to the Home (FTTH); the LISA can activate this connection.

  • Description

    The advantages of an FTTH connection are:

    • 1 Gigabit. The glass fiber reaches a speed of 1 Gigabit, much higher than ADSL or internet by cable.

    • Direct connection on UTnet. With glass fiber your are directly connected to the UTnet.

    • With a glass fiber connection, you will have access to IPTV.
      You will receive high-quality television and radio transmissions on the computer. With a separate “set-top box” you can also receive IPTV via your television.
  • Requests

    An FTTH connection can be requested using the self-service portal.

  • Costs

    The UT charges no connection costs for a glass fiber connection. You can find more information about the rates on the self-service portal.


  • Conditions

    An FTTH connection can only be requested by residents who live:

    • on De Achterhorst
    • on Reelaan
    • on Drienerbeeklaan
    • on Langenkampweg

    In addition, the general network rules apply:

    • The computer must have adequate security measures.
    • The user is responsible for data traffic from his/her computer.
    • When determining improper use, the University of Twente is entitled to shut down the computer from the network.
  • Delivery

    If transferring from the UT's ADSL to the glass fiber connection, the FTTH connection will be activated within two weeks. The transfer will be arranged in such a way that double subscriptions will not have to be paid. The connection is delivered to your meter cupboard.

  • Cancellation

    Canceling the glass fiber is done by contacting the Service Desk ICT. A term of 1 month applies for canceling. The glass fiber modem is on loan and must be collected.

  • Support

    The support of glass fiber connection is done by both LISA and SNT. LISA is responsible for connecting an disconnecting the glass fiber connection, as well as for the operation of the glass fiber modem. SNT is the first point of contact for helping with problems such as registering devices, advising on the choice of your own (Wi-Fi) router, or setting up.

    For contact information of SNT see

    Should you have any questions about the FTTH connection, please first of all read through the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or contact the Servicedesk ICT.


  • Where can I find manuals about Fiber to the Home?

    Click here.

  • Why should I switch to Fiber to the Home?
    • Glass fiber is much faster than ADSL.
    • Glass fiber provides a more stable connection.
    • A glass fiber connection is symmetrical (meaning that upload and download speeds are the same). 
    • With a glass fiber connection you also have access to IPTV.
    • With a glass fiber connection you will have a direct connection with the UT network.
  • What does Fiber to the Home cost?

    The subscription is €30 per month, incl. VAT.
    Please note: the glass fiber modem is placed on a loan and remains the property of the UT. 

  • Does the UT charge connection costs for a glass fiber connection?

    The UT charges no connection costs for a glass fiber connection.

  • How long does it take before the connection can be activated?

    The connection can be activated within one week.

  • How can I apply for Fiber to the Home?

    An application for a glass fiber connection can be done via the self-service portal.

  • Why can I only request "set-top box" via the IPTV web site?

    The "set-top box" (through which you can receive digital television via the Fiber to the Home connection) is a service provided by the Campus Cable Association (VCK). LISA supports VCK in the carriage of the traffic but VCK supplies the hardware and support for the end-user.
    See for more information the website of VCK:

  • What is the period of notice for a glass fiber connection?

    The subscription can be cancelled as of the first of any month, with at least one month notice. 

  • Possible Breakdowns?

    In that event please contact the Service Desk ICT.

  • Up to what distance is the connection provided?

    The connection is provided in the meter cupboard itself. All additional (computer) equipment is the responsibility of the customer.

  • Whom do I go for support?

    For requesting, canceling or operating the glass fiber modem, please contact Service Desk ICT.

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