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UT SharePoint is a Content Collaboration Platform (CCP) for storing and sharing mainly MS Office documents and for collaboration. The on-premise data is stored in the UT data centres. The service can easily be used by internal users.


  • UT data centres are used.
  • Offers options for online joint editing. Supports all major file formats of documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The environment is accessible via the Web;
  • Does not include antivirus defences or ransomware protection;
  • Sites of max. 200GB;
  • Files can be recovered (within 30 days);
  • Not suitable as a tool for offline working; not suitable for collaborating with external parties (non-UT). This requires a special x account to be applied for;
  • eduVPN is not required.


UT SharePoint can be accessed via https://sharepoint.utwente.nl/


A team site or project site can be requested by UT staff through the SharePoint self-service page.


  • What is SharePoint?

    SharePoint is a system based on the Internet that helps you share information regarding a project, meeting, or document with other users in your department, project team, or organisation, both within the campus and beyond it.

  • How do I create my own SharePoint site?

    Once you are logged on to SharePoint, you can launch the signup form for your own site by clicking the ‘Request a new sitecollection’ button.

    • Once the form is sent, you will immediately receive a confirmation email.
    • It will take several minutes for the site to be created; you will then receive a second email containing all of the necessary information.

    If you check the ‘Support needed’ box, you will receive an information email listing the costs and dates for a two-day SharePoint course at Explain-IT in Hengelo.

  • Where can I find the terms and conditions for using SharePoint?

    The terms and conditions for using SharePoint are outlined under 'Conditions' on the current page.

  • Who is responsible for the validity of the data I share via SharePoint?

    The owner of every site is responsible for the content on their site.

  • Is there an easy way for me to add notes?

    OneNote has been integrated in SharePoint.

    OneNote is also a Microsoft Office application, and also exists as a tablet or smartphone app.

  • Do I need Microsoft Office to use SharePoint?

    No, you do not. Microsoft web apps ensure that you can open and edit files within the web browser. However, not having installed MS Office will result in some limitations.

  • How can I invite people to view my site?

    Simply press ‘share’ in the site’s upper right corner.

  • What should I do if I need help?

    Consult the FAQs on the current website and the Sharepoint website; these may answer some of your questions.

    You could also sign up for a two-day course at Explain-IT in Hengelo.

    If you are interested in this course, you can make it known via the form you use to request your SharePoint site by checking the ‘Support needed’ box, or by contacting the LISA Service Desk. You will then be sent information regarding the course’s costs and dates.

  • Which Internet browsers does SharePoint support?

    SharePoint 2019 works best with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari. It has also been optimised for use on tablets and smartphones.

  • What is SharePoint’s data classification?

    SharePoint’s data classification is in line with the UT’s regulations regarding data classification, the University of Twente Classification Guideline Regarding Information and Information Systems (Dutch only). Currently, only the ‘standard’ and ‘sensitive’ classifications can be used.

  • What is the difference between a TeamSite and a ProjectSite?

    The TeamSite template creates a site for teams to use to store, sort, and share data. TeamSites are used to store long-term routine data for departments, and short-term information regarding special projects that involve several departments.

    •  The standard features for TeamSites include a ‘Notebook’, a Discussions List, and a place to store documents, a Documents Library.

    A ProjectSite enables people in an organisation to collaborate on smaller projects effectively. This allows project managers to quickly get a good idea of what is happening with the project, and project members to quickly see how their work fits in with the overarching whole. ProjectSites provide the various project members with access to relevant data, documents, and discussions, and allow them to share these.

    • ProjectSites are made using the ProjectSite template, and their standard features include a ‘Notebook’ (OneNote), a Discussions List, a place to store documents, a Documents Library, and a planner.
  • What is the difference between a site and a page?

    A site is a collection of content that can consist of various pages, lists, and documents. A page is a single page on a website that can contain content of some kind.

  • Where can i find more information about SharePoint?

    You can find more info here.


Please, refer to the manuals for support or contact the Service Desk ICT for more information or other questions.

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