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Vending machines

Douwe Egberts takes care of everything regarding the maintenance of the machines. The operators will ensure the (cleaning) maintenance and refilling of the machines. They will be at UT every day and will be on site within one hour in case of defects.

There are two different kinds of coffee at UT. Freshly ground coffee and an instant variety. Coffee strength, sugar and milk can be adjusted to your own liking for both coffee types. Tea is also available in this new set-up.

Free coffee and a paid type

Free instand coffee is available for all employees using the employee card. Additionally, there is also a paid coffee type that will be available for € 0.45. The machine does not need to be unlocked for the paid type (and thus does not require a employee card); instead you can pay with your debit card. The difference between the free and paid coffee is the way it is made. The free type is DE Instant Good Origin and the paid type is DE Espresso Smooth Selection.

All sorts of coffee options on campus

With the different types of coffee from the machines, the coffee from the cafeterias and from the coffee corners there is a lot of choice for employees and students. The Facility Department thus hopes to meet everyone's taste and budget.

  • Separate ingredients

    The machines have sugar and milk and caffeine-free coffee sticks and English Breakfast tea are provided free of charge with the machine. Other separate ingredients, such as sugar packs, milk packs, tea bags, stirrers, cups, fitting thermos flasks, etc. can be ordered via DE and will be invoiced separately. To this end, a standard order form has been drawn up that can be sent digitally. The order will be delivered to the buildings via the internal transport.

  • Faults

    Should a machine have a defect for any reason, then you can report this to your building's Service Desk. When reporting a fault, the machine number (printed above the card reader) and a description of the fault must always be provided. After reporting a fault, DE will have an operator on site within one hour to fix it.

  • Meeting service

    For internal meetings, you will need to use the available coffee pots in the available machines as much as possible. For larger meetings and events, you can use Banquetingmap Appèl.

What to do if you paid for your coffee or tea and nothing comes out of the machine

If you selected a beverage and money has been deducted from your card without you receiving a beverage in return, then you can contact Douwe Egberts. Do this as quickly as possible so they can refund you, using this form:

Order Method

The machines have been placed in deliberation with the faculties and departments. If there is a need for an additional machine or if a machine needs to be moves, then please contact your department or faculty contact.

Delivery period

Orders placed before Wednesday 12:00 with Douwe Egberts via the order form (only visible for employees after login) will be delivered to your workplace no later than on the following Wednesday. 

Order form

Only available after login for employees:


The basic type is still free coffee for all employees. This is possible by unlocking the machine with the staff card. Moreover, there is an option to acquire a department card. Additionally, there is now also a paid coffee type that will be available for € 0.45. The machine does not need to be unlocked for the paid type (and thus does not require a staff card); instead you can pay with your debit card. For all machines, the consumptions and separate orders are charged centrally per faculty or department based on the counter positions and orders.


For questions or comments, you can contact your building contact.

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