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With illustrations you attract attention, creating more impact with your message

Would you like to have an illustration or infographic made? For example, to clarify your subsidy application, to draw attention to your research in a comprehensible way via social media, or to make your information more attractive. There are many different options. To help you choose properly, we share some more information about prices and options below. If necessary, consult with your faculty or department's communications advisor.

Nymus 3d

Nymus 3D visualizes science through illustrations and animations. They have a lot of experience and make large quantities of excellent illustrations and animations. That does come with a price tag to match.

088 115 2202

Optic Nerve

Visual communication that connects the eye to the brain. Optic Nerve stands for good quality scientific and technical illustrations.

The Art Department

The Drawing Department is experienced in creating scientific and technical illustrations.


For a general talk sheet or business drawing, Visualizeur is the right place for you. Live drawing is one of her specialities.

Internal services via MC

Kim Hovestad works as a visual communications advisor at M&C. She advises on and creates infographics and illustrations. Her focus is on making scientific research more understandable and attractive through illustrations and infographics. For the purpose of grant applications, press releases, and scientific articles. Below you can find her portfolio.  

K. Hovestad (Kim)
K. Hovestad (Kim)
Business drawer / Communication advisor

Working days: Mon, Tue and Thu

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