Car parking

At the campus, there are a number of (free) parking facilities in the immediate vicinity of the buildings. The larger parking lots are indicated on the signposts as P0, P1, P2, and P3. On the entire campus, parking is only allowed in the designated parking spaces. This is closely monitored by Security and the police. Please find the car parking areas on the campus map.

There are different types of parking spaces on the campus:

  1. General parking spaces
  2. Parking spaces for permit holders
  3. Parking spaces for the disabled

Parking for bicycles / motorcycles

Bicycles must be placed in the bicycle parking. The Facility Department is entitled to move/remove any bicycles parked outside the designated areas. Motorcycles must be parked in a parking space for motor vehicles.

Parking spaces for the disabled

There is a limited number of parking spaces for the disabled. These must only be used by persons in possession of a valid parking permit for the disabled. It there is any need for an increase of these parking spaces, you can contact the Facility Department.

Permit holders

In some cases, students, employees, and third parties can apply for a parking permit. Applications will be assessed by the Facility Department. Parking permits are issued by the Security Department and can be picked up at the Spiegel building. There are several categories for eligibility:

  1. Medical reasons
  2. Support staff of the University of Twente
  3. Contractors
  4. Temporary or occasional

Because of the limited number of parking spaces for permit holders, selection is very strict. The term of validity of parking permits is limited, depending on the reason / situation.

Day permit

You can also apply for a parking permit for one day for a special event (e.g. as supplier of equipment or for a move). These cards can be picked up from Security at the Spiegel building.

If you have any questions, please contact the Grounds Contract Manager or the Security Department.

How to order

Send an email to the Grounds Contract Manager or to the Security Department




The Security Department is responsible for enforcing the parking policy, and will issue warning notices, if necessary. The car registration number will be recorded and registered in a database. In the event of a second offence, the police will be asked to issue a ticket. Police also regularly patrol the grounds. If they find any vehicles that are parked incorrectly, they may issue a ticket.

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