The trademark architecture defines how the University of Twente and its sub-divisions present themselves. Generally speaking, all communications are to make use of the corporate 'shell', which has been made to be flexible so that all requirements can be met. However, there are some exceptions, namely University College Twente, Twente Academy and the research institutes.

University College Twente

University College Twente is a unique, multidisciplinary, English-language programme for outstanding students, within which social and technical perspectives are integrated in order to create a new outlook on technology. Its own universe element was developed in order to provide University College Twente with its own identity within the range of programmes on offer. University College Twente also always uses a shade of blue. 

Twente Academy 

Twente Academy is a part of the University of Twente, but does not focus on recruiting students. Instead it works on guiding students currently in pre-university education in their transfer to university education through brush-up camps, online learning environments and more. Visually, Twente Academy is distinguished by its own palette of primary colours and its own abstract elements. This clearly makes it part of the University of Twente family, while it retains its own identity. 


Top-level research at the UT is carried out at four research institutes. These are:

  • MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology
  • MIRA Institute for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine
  • IGS Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies
  • CTIT Centre for Telematics and Information Technology

The research institutes have their own word mark, their own universe element and their own base colour in order to increase their recognizability.

For an impression of the ways these have been applied, take a look at our examples.