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The University of Twente launched its new house style at the Opening of the Academic Year 2009-2010. Elements of the house style have been modified and extended on over the years and new initiatives were taken and added to the style as a whole. This means that the house style is constantly developing.

The visual identity of the University of Twente is a striking one. We threw all traditional rules overboard when creating it. The identity is made up of a whole range of forms, which can be used in a variety of ways. The building blocks from which the house style is composed offer plenty of flexibility for an organization that is as multifaceted as the University of Twente.


Interested in knowing how our house style is made up? Read more about all of the building blocks from which our visual identity is composed: the word mark, the universe, the font, the palette of colours, the use of images and photography and the divisions of the surfaces used in all communications that are subject to design.

The trademark architecture defines how the University of Twente and all of its components and institutes present themselves.