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Brand architecture

Brand architecture

The brand architecture sets out how the UT presents itself to the outside world, and from which unit. Corporate, services, faculties and courses communicate largely using the main brand of the University of Twente. Three sub-brands, however, which fall under the University of Twente umbrella and which have their own profiling are defined within the brand architecture; these are the research institutes TechMed Centre, MESA+ Institute and the Digital Society Institute. They are clearly part of the University of Twente family but profile themselves with their own variant of the logo when communicating with the outside world. The logos, colours and elements have been set out for these sub-brands.

Over the years, there have also been icon projects which, as a result of the attention value, have had their own temporary appearance.

  • Category 1: Corporate

    The majority of communication runs via the main layer, the corporate branding of University of Twente. All communication materials from the board, professional groups, clusters, faculties, services and other units belonging to the University of Twente. The corporate communication materials are characterised by the logo, use of the basic colours black and white and have a fixed set of spatial divisions into which the totality or photographs are placed.

  • Category 2: Courses
    • The courses (varying from university, bachelor, master, TGS and professionals to PhD) communicate completely on the basis of the University of Twente brand. Any communication materials for the target groups for our educational range, however, are created with the addition of colours from the colour palette, to the black/white basis.
    • University College: A special bachelor course which, in order to be recognised effectively by the specific market, uses a fixed element and colours in its communication materials. 
    • ITC: this faculty, where research and education takes place, has a special status. Visually very close to the main brand of the University of Twente and a genuine part of the family, but with its own logo and the use of a ‘swoosh’ instead of the straight spatial divisions.
  • Category 3: Institutes
    • The University of Twente has three strong research institutes: TechMed Centre, MESA+ Institute and Digital Society
    • These institutes communicate with their own variant of the logo, fixed colour and fixed element and are therefore regarded as genuine sub-brands of the University of Twente.
  • Category 4: Icon Projects

    Icon projects are defined for initiatives and projects which require a specific attention value for a set period and have the option to profile themselves. At the moment, the following projects or elements have their own style:

    • CuriousU: characterised by own logo and colour set
    • Designlab: characterised by own logo and colour set
  • Category 5: Collaborations

    The UT does not, of course, always operate alone and there are many cooperative partnerships within education and research on both a national and international level. Whether or not the University of Twente’s house-style is applied depends on the type of cooperation. Whichever form is applied, the logo of the University of Twente must be reflected in communication materials.