On this page you can find different tools that can support you and your colleagues in raising more awarness for integrity matters. These tools can also support you in having a dialogue about integrity. We also provide an overview of integrity courses that you can sign up for.

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Integrity guides


These guides make it easy to find the right person to get in touch if you have any questions regarding integrity matters.

Dialogues about scientific integrity

Watch the dialogues about scientific integrity dilemma's through our YouTube playlist Building a House of Integrity.    


With the theatre performance Mindlab we want to make a positive contribution to the working and living environment of the University of Twente. Integrity in all areas – social, scientific and business – is the fundamental principle for working in science, which includes an open working and living environment, where facilitating discussions on dilemmas goes without saying. Mindlab will inspire and challenge you to consider for yourself and with others what is important to you in your daily work, your career and your life – at and outside the university.   

Mindlab: A science fiction thriller that gets at the heart of science.

The Dilemma game: Professionalism and Integrity in Research

The Dilemma Game available in an app
More information and download
The Dilemma Game confronts researchers with difficult dilemmas in the context of a critical dialogue, supporting them in further developing their own 'moral compass'. For years, the Dilemma Game was played as a card game, but in 2020 the game has been digitalized. The Dilemma Game app now allows researchers to use the game anytime, anywhere, on their own, or together with peers and colleagues. 

Try out the Dillema Game app

Watch how our University of Twente colleagues Jeroen Rouwkema and Frances Wijnen use the dilemma game app.

This dilemma game was developed as one of the initiatives of the Erasmus University Rotterdam Taskforce Scientific Integrity (chaired by prof.dr. Finn Wynstra). The objective of the taskforce has been to raise awareness for and to develop proposals to help maintain scientific professionalism and integrity. The HR department has two hardcopy games avalaible. Please contact the HR secretariat (secretariaat-hr@utwente.nl /tel: 8012) if you would like to use them.

Film 'On Being a Scientist'

This 56-minute film On Being a Scientist was produced for educational purposes by Leiden University. It aims to raise students’ awareness of scientific integrity and to prepare them for the problems and dilemmas they could encounter as scientists.

Source and Intellectual property: Leiden University

Research seminar on Integrity 4 March 2020

Faculty ITC brought this topic of academic integrity to the attention of all staff and students through a seminar: “If Academic Integrity of the solution, what is the problem?" on 4 March 2020. Please find the presentations that have been given below.

More information on this seminar and other ethics workshops can be found on the ITC Ethics committee website.

Presentation Ethics of Science and Technology

Watch the online presentation of Peter-Paul Verbeek for the University Wide Ethics Committee about the ethical work he is engaged in within our University.