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Support and after care

You were a victim of or a witness to aggressive physical, verbal or psychological behaviour (including bullying) in the workplace or study place. In addition to actual pain, such as in the case of physical violence, aggressive verbal, physical and psychological behaviour at work can lead to psychological suffering and health issues such as anxiety, sleeping disorders, stomach pains and other psychosomatic complaints. It’s always best to talk to a professional soon after the incident occurs.

See below for your options:

Working conditions consultation hour

HR managers, supervisors and all other employees who are confronted with victims and/or witnesses aggressive behaviour or violence, are requested to encourage these individuals to make an appointment with occupational health services provider Arbo Unie during the ‘Working Conditions Consultation Hour’ (call: +31 (0)88 272 6312). When making an appointment, please let us know you have had a bad experience at work and that you would like to talk to someone about it. Someone else can also make the appointment on your behalf. Occupational Health can refer you to a psychologist if necessary. The working conditions consultation hour is also for employees without a University of Twente contract who are a victim of or a witness to aggressive behaviour on the University of Twente campus.

Confidential advisors/student counsellors/PhD Counsellor

Both university employees and staff without a UT contract are entitled to speak with a confidential advisor. For more information about confidential advisors:

Student counsellors are available for students. Students can also be referred to student psychologists by student counsellors. Contact the SACC secretariat by phone: +31 (0)53 489 2035 or come to the Vrijhof building, floor 3 room 311 (red desk). For more information about student counsellors, please go to :

A PhD Counsellor is available for all PhD candidates. You can find more information about PhD Counsellors here

Support from colleagues and supervisors

You may also ask colleagues or supervisors in your immediate working environment for support.

For colleagues and managers who have an employee/colleague who is a victim of or witness to violence or aggressive behaviour:

  • Pay attention to the employee(s) and their feelings, reach out to them and talk to them;
  • Do not ignore the problem but also avoid blowing it out of proportion by sharing your own bad experiences;
  • Don’t forget to check in after a while (several weeks).

General Practitioner (GP)

Make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible (GP, hospital, GP out-of-hours service). Discuss the incident and ask to document injuries. Your GP can also refer you to a psychologist.


In the event of sexual violence (assault or rape) you should make an appointment with the Sexual Assault Centre. For assistance, please call 0800 0188, available 24/7. A nurse will be there to support you when you arrive at the Sexual Assault Centre. You will not be asked to tell your story more often than strictly necessary. A team of doctors, nurses, police officers, psychologists, social workers and sexologists work together to provide the best care available. For more information about the Sexual Assault Centre, go to: 


Victim Support Netherlands helps victims of crimes, traffic accidents, emergencies and disasters. You can go there for emotional support, support during criminal proceedings and for help to get financial compensation. You can call, email, or chat with employees – anonymously, if you want to – and there is an online forum where you can talk to others with similar experiences:  

It doesn’t matter which form of support you choose, what’s important is that you reach out and get help.