JOIN is the university Document Management System (DMS) for the digital recording and management of documents. Using JOIN, cooperation with colleagues is more efficient and information can be viewed at any time from any workplace or from home. By only authorising staff to access the information they need for their work, a safe working environment is guaranteed.

In addition, JOIN meets the statutory archiving and destruction requirements, so the archiving or destruction – or, on the other hand, the retention – of documents is taken proper care of. 

Working with JOIN
We can create a working environment for you in JOIN and guide you in its use. This will increase the probability that no knowledge is lost and important information can quickly be retrieved. To name just a few advantages:

  • Documents are stored in a central location
  • Documents will no longer get lost
  • Documents can be retrieved quickly and easily
  • File creation option
  • JOIN is a web application, and therefore not location-specific; you can use it anywhere
  • Everyone with the same rights has access to the same documents
  • Documents or files are retained or destroyed in accordance with the Public Records Act
  • Information on UT education quality assurance and UT programme accreditations can be consulted by default if you have access to JOIN.

Powerpoint presentation of the meetings on oktober, 29 and November, 4  2019 for JOIN userprofile owners
In these two meetings we briefly talked about the UT project “Autorisation Management” and the impact the outcome of this project will have for autorisation management in JOIN and therefore  for userprofile owners in JOIN.
Below you will find the powerpoint presentation used during these meetings. Amongst others it contains a set of screen prints that illustrate the approval workflow.
Presentation Autorisation management JOIN (in dutch)

Tips and tricks for current and new JOIN users
If you have been working with JOIN for some time you are already familiar with the system, but you may not be aware of all its possibilities. Maybe some actions you perform on a daily basis could be carried out a lot faster. Of course, you can contact us personally to discuss your questions or requests.

Interested? Send your question by email to and we will map out all options available to you. Contact one of our archive specialists if you have any questions about archiving matters.
Below you can find some practical guidelines.