Find the right person within the Marketing and Communication department

The who-is-who of the Marketing and Communication department can be found on the intranet and can only be reached when there is a connection with the UT network (or after logging in with s- or m-number). When you are not on the UT terrain you can use a VPN connection. The contact persons (per faculty) for student recruitment can be found at the Marketing department. The Communication department has specific contact persons per faculty and per institute. You can also find a contact person at the Communication department for most services.

Find the right service/product via products and services

In the menu on the left you can find Products and Services. Here you can find only the services of MC. There is also a full UT Product and Services available, including LISA (ICT and library), CFM (Facilities/Campus), CES (Centre for Educational Support) and MC (Marketing & Communication).

Secretariat marketing and communication department

A.H. Wassink (Ans)
Office Manager M&C

Our servicedesks: traffic/house style, online media and study information


For questions about the corporate identity you can contact, room SP 003. Most information like downloads of logos or posters, ordering promotional gifts of business cards can also be found directly online


The Servicedesk team of Online Media (Marketing & Communication) can help you with all questions about UT-websites (systems like WebHare or People Pages) and social media. Considering email, we can help you with requesting functional mailboes and (advice about) sending mass mail like news letters and invitations. You can also find our information here

T: 053-489 5665, of op Skype-chat


The Study Information Centre of the UT is located in Spiegel P112 (ground floor behind the elevator). 

E: / Contact the coördinator
T: 053-489 5489