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Residents who live on De Achterhorst, Reelaan, Drienerbeeklaan and Langenkampweg on the campus are able to request an Internet connection by fiber glass, called Fiber to the Home (FTTH); the LISA can activate this connection.


The advantages of an FTTH connection are:

glass fiber is up to 40x faster than ADSL.
ADSL has a speed of, at most 8Mbps, the glass fiber connection reaches speeds of at most 250 Mbps. This may increase further still in the future.

glass fiber provides a more stable interface.
Fiber glass is not sensitive to different weather conditions and the associated short interruptions. ADSL is sensitive to this.

a glass fiber connection is symmetrical.
Sending and receiving data is equally fast, unlike ADSL and cable Internet, where the uploading is faster than downloading.

with a glass fiber connection, you will have access to IPTV.
You will receive high-quality television and radio transmissions on the computer. With a separate “set-top box” you can also receive IPTV via your television.

It is possible to offer more services in the future through glass fiber.
The equipment is already prepared for “triple play”, for example. This means in addition to the Internet, it also provides telephone and radio/television For example, telephone services could be offered via this connection. We are still investigating whether it is feasible to offer a complete digital TV package, analogue as well as digital including HDTV.


An FTTH connection can be requested using the self-service page .


The UT charges no connection costs for a glass fiber connection. You can find more information about the rates on the self-service page.


An FTTH connection can only be requested by residents who live:

●on De Achterhorst

●on Reelaan

●on Drienerbeeklaan

●on Langenkampweg


If transferring from the UT's ADSL to the glass fiber connection, the FTTH connection will be activated within two weeks. The transfer will be arranged in such a way that double subscriptions will not have to be paid. The connection is delivered to your meter cupboard.


Should you have any questions about the FTTH connection, please first of all read through the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).