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The Health and Safety department ensures optimal support on all issues and duties with regard to, among other things, working conditions, prevention and reintegration, radiation, genetically modified organisms (GGO), emergency assistance (BHV) and sustainability. Our objective is to realize a safe, healthy and sustainable work and study environment and to make a positive contribution to the sustainable application of UT staff members. We do this in close cooperation with the VGM coordinators at the faculties and services. In addition to your manager, they are your first contact point for questions concerning safety, health and the environment.

The HR/VG's role is initiating, stimulating, advising, checking and guaranteeing that the ambition of a safe, health and stimulating work and study environment will be realized. Where possible, we do so in collaboration with the primary process.

Health and Safety

The University of Twente attaches great importance to our staff members being able to perform their work with pleasure, in safety and in good health, in a healthy and safe working environment. This is why we have implemented a number of measures. Our working conditions policy, for instance, lays down regulations for workplace examinations, risk assessments and sickness absence counselling. In addition, we have passed various regulations on the topic of safe work. 

With a view on improving our staff members' health and well-being, the UT also offers a variety of activities, including company sports, training courses, health checks, health weeks and a chair massage. We also have made a wealth of information available on living a healthy lifestyle. 

The UT takes its health and safety responsibilities seriously. Our hope, and expectation, is that our staff members will act responsibly with respect to working in a safe and healthy manner and making use of all the university has on offer.


The UT wants to offer everyone a safe environment for work and study. To this end, it has developed various preventive measures, based on the Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. On this website you will find information about how the UT has organized safety aspects and how you can work safely. Despite all the measures, an emergency may occasionally occur. In that case, phone the alarm number (053-489)2222 and the emergency response team will be called in.