Research Projects


The research within Production Technology covers different aspects of an engineering structure, from its design, its manufacturing, to its performance and to its ‘in use’ condition. All these aspects are interrelated.

Processing and Product Performance of lightweight advanced materials in structural applications characterise the main research themes of the Production Technology group.

In our view processing and performance can be optimised after thorough analysis and modelling in combination with a solid experimental programme. The experimental programme identifies the operating mechanisms, establishes relevant material property data for the modelling steps and provides data to test the accuracy of the models proposed. An integral approach is pursued, taking into account the interrelations between the geometric design, the production process and the material properties. 

Via this page, more details about the projects revolting around the PT research themes are accessible. 

Research Centre

The research in Processing and related Performance in Thermoplastic matrix composite materials has led to the creation of the ThermoPlastic composites Research Centre (TPRC), an open research centre founded by Boeing, Fokker, TenCate and the University of Twente.

Current Projects

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Completed Projects

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