ET Research strategy

In spring 2023, ET published its Research STrategy 'Engineering for Impact' for 2023-2028.

The title summarises our ambitions. Impact: to contribute to solving societal challenges. Engineering: developing the tools that enable societal solutions.  Impact is usually not achieved by engineering alone. It is the result of a collaborative process, involving all stakeholders in the challenge addressed. With collaboration we will build on our existing strength in integrating use-inspired research with industry, governmental bodies, and societal institutions.

In this, we focus on our 5 strategic research themes Resilience Engineering; Sustainable Production, Energy & Resources; Intelligent Manufacturing Systems; Asset & Maintenance Engineering; and Personalised Health Technology. Our five research themes have a close connection to the scientific themes of the University of Twente

The core elements of the strategy are:

  1. Integrated approach research & education
  2. Research quality 
  3. Societal impact through large, international multi-disciplinary research projects
  4. Increased visibility of ET impact through Open Access publications and (social) media attention
  5. Scientific Integrity, Ethics, Knowledge Security and Research Data Management policies implemented
  6. Inclusive talent recognition and rewarding
  7. Increased financial transparency