Faculty of Engineering Technology (ET)

Our Vision: Engineering Innovations to Serve Humanity

As part of the University of Twente, we envision a world in which engineering innovations are developed with one single purpose: to serve humanity. A world in which technology and engineering drive change in ways that benefit society, people and our planet. We see ourselves, the Faculty of Engineering Technology, as carriers of this vision. We are frontrunners in engineering research and education, connecting with industrial, governmental and academic co-workers worldwide to understand and resolve complex and urgent societal challenges.

Our Mission: Engineering for Impact

The mission of the Faculty of Engineering Technology is to address societal challenges by generating fundamental knowledge in engineering technology: we want to harness its full potential in applying it to complex problems and in educating the engineers and scientists of the future. Our faculty pursues this mission with a spirited learning community of students, researchers, and societal and industrial partners. Together, we develop transformational solutions for complex and multidisciplinary engineering applications across five vital and interrelated research themes:

Our Profile: Forward-looking Engineers

The Faculty of Engineering Technology is internationally known as a leader in our field, fusing engineering with social sciences. We educate entrepreneurial, forward-looking engineers, with our own degree programmes in mechanical, civil and industrial design engineering, and by contributing to programmes across and beyond the UT in Robotics, Sustainable Energy Technology and Humanitarian Engineering. We create inspiring learning communities and share interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise with a variety of world-class partners. Working across boundaries, we develop advanced processes, production systems and devices with the aim of making a significant difference in our society.

Our Pillars: Caring, Educating, Engineering and Connecting

In everything we do to pursue our mission, we are guided by four strategic priorities:

We care about society

Our focus is on technologies to address both current and future societal challenges. With our education and research, we contribute to consumer products, public infrastructure, applications, and manufacturing systems that benefit society, people and our planet.

We educate for the unknown 

Our society needs engineers with an open, entrepreneurial mindset, a broad vision and excellent problem-solving skills. Highly trained individuals who can switch easily between the fundamentals of engineering science and its practical application, and who are comfortable navigating unknown territory and unravelling problems humanity has not faced before.

We engineer for circularity

We take a systemic approach to engineering, integrating everything from process design and development to manufacturing and construction, ensuring a sustainable life cycle. This means our education and research incorporate both the fundamentals of engineering science and the development of societally relevant and effective engineering applications.

We connect for better results

At the Faculty of Engineering Technology, we work together – and in doing so, we cross many boundaries and bridge many divides. We integrate research and education. We fuse mechanical, civil and industrial design engineering with social sciences. We bring together students, staff and researchers to engage with public and private stakeholders. Our projects connect the worlds of academia, government and industry, because addressing today’s challenges and achieving transformational change requires that we all contribute.

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