Faculty of Engineering Technology (ET)

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering Technology (ET), one of the five faculties at the University of Twente. ET combines Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Industrial Design Engineering. Our faculty has approximately 2600 bachelor's and master's students, 300 employees and 150 PhD candidates. 

Our vision is a future society and industry that are able to realise value creation making use of sound, efficient and sustainable technology.

The mission of our faculty is to be an international leading centre for intelligent production, processes  and smart devices in the areas of Health Technology, Maintenance, Smart Regions, Smart Industry and Sustainable Resources. The faculty will focus on the initiation, formulation, design and development of technical solutions for current and future societal problems. This mission with its focus on societal and human challenges seamlessly fits into the University’s strategy of High Tech, Human Touch. From this perspective, new technology drives change, renewal and progress in society; new technology serves as the innovation engine in society.

Research Objectives

The research objectives of the faculty of Engineering Technology is to generate fundamental knowledge and to translate this knowledge into solutions for complex multidisciplinary technical problems. Within this context, the faculty focuses on the integrated value chain. Our scientists are engaged scholars. Alumni hold leading positions in industry and society. They possess top-quality knowledge and can independently find answers for inter-disciplinary and societally relevant problems by means of an engineering and entrepreneurial attitude. The industrial and societal relevance of the research is secured by close collaboration with industry and the public sector.

Education Objectives

The education programme of the UT is based on Student Driven Learning. We educate our students to become professionals who are capable of steering their own career development, by giving them greater control over their own learning process. The learning process is guided, supervised, stimulated and inspired by the teachers, but always within the frame of the students’ own responsibility.  Our ever-changing society requires different knowledge and skills than before. Many of the professions that people have today did not even exist twenty years ago. There is also no way of predicting what our students will be doing twenty years from now. That is why we want to educate students to become entrepreneurial 'T-shaped professionals'. They know all the ins and outs of their field of study and can contribute to its development. They are also capable of venturing off the beaten path and applying their knowledge in a broader context, in collaboration with other disciplines and society.

The Core Values of the faculty of Engineering Technology

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