Student review

A review session can be scheduled in Remindo. This can be scheduled in two ways:

  1. As a short session in the Carré building, scheduled by the exam office  Students will only be able to access the review from there, making sure the exam questions remain protected.
  2. The review can be set to be available from anywhere. In this case, students can review their work at their own convenience from home. 

In both cases, students can see their own exam and results once they log in. They cannot make any edits. The page contains the following elements:

  1. A time limit can be set.
  2. Exam details
  3. The exam can show all result details. You can also choose not to display these.
  4. The student's own answer and the correct answer will be shown. It is also possible to choose not to show the correct answer.

If desireble, the lecturer's remarks, the grading model and the feedback from the item bank can be shown during the review.