Changing answer key

  • When should you edit an answer key?

    By changing an answer key (scoring model) of a question, you can edit which answer is correct or incorrect. After changing the answer key, closed questions are automatically re-scored.

  • How can you edit an answer key?
    1. Go to Results - analysis
    2. Select the test recipe
    3. Click on Analyze items
    4. Click on Show interaction analysis  (at the end of the row of the item)
    5. Click on Correct scoring model
  • Which settings are possible in changing the answer key?
    1. Change response model: Remindo supports these options to make alterations to the answer keys.
    2. Status: Changes can be made in concept first and approved by another person or you can make them active right away.A preview of the new results (grades) is visible at the bottom of the page in Remindo*.
    3. Change the response model: When at point 1 'By changing the response model' is selected, you can change the response model. By adding new options or scoring criteria to the answer key.

    * Please note: a change in the answer key can also have a negative effect on the result (grade). If you have any questions, please contact

    Settings changing answer key