Plagiarism check

If there is a risk of cooperation between students during the exam, or if they may have access to the internet, you can enable a plagiarism check in your Remindo exam. The examinations office can tell you more about this option and activate it when the exam is scheduled.

After the exam, you will see an additional button in the Remindo grading interface:

When you open this report, you will see the Turnitin plagiarism report. The reports can also be opened from the Analysis page:

From both locations, you will be taken to the Turnitin similarity report:

The system highlights the similarities found and the source (website or other candidates). If an overlap is found with another student, the report will indicate the name of the student in question (Student s6300128 in the example above). 

Good to know:

The Turnitin website has more information about reading and interpreting the similarity reports.
More information about Turnitin can be found following the link below:


If the system flags any suspicious behavior, please consult with your Board of Examiners about current procedures in your programme / faculty.