The support team will set your exam. Please let them know the following:

  • Which question IDs need to be included.
  • In the case of multiple people grading, which questions need to be assigned to which lecturer.
  • Are the questions in a set order or should they be randomized? Or does the exam contain several topics, and should they only be randomized within a topic?
  • The introduction screen in Remindo is usually used to communicate rules and regulations, permitted materials (dictionary/calculator), and/or information about the minimum number of correct answers. Please think about which text to include here. 
  • Are there any attachments that need to be made available on the chromebooks during the exam, or URLs to be whitelisted? This is possible, but please indicate this well in advance.

Once the exam has been set up, you can go to to preview it. Click the button  at the top left of the page. Next to the exam recipe, click the magnifying glass icon to go to the recipe details:

Onthe bottom left of the page, you can click a link to the preview:

There are two options for reviewing: Test and Preview.

  • When you choose Test, you will see the exam as the student sees it.
  • In the Preview, you will see additional info such as the number of points, the correct answers and correction criteria. If you make any changes to a question in the item bank, you can click  to see the changes reflected immediately.