See 3. Review and perform exam

What to expect on the day of the exam

Exams are scheduled primarily in the Therm hall. There is an alternative location in Noordhorst 115, 124 and/or 209 (subject to availability). Please make sure the exam is scheduled at one of these locations well in advance. The examinations office website contains information about procedures and deadlines for scheduling a digital assessment. You can also email if you have any questions.

A technical assistant will be available to set up the chromebooks and assist with any issues. Please note however that they are not qualified or intended to perform official exam surveillance (checking attendance lists, verifying which students are allowed extra time, monitoring for fraud, etc.). During the exam, the technical assistants will come to you with any issues they may see. For example, they will ask you to double-check a student's ID if there is a suspicious second login attempt. If you cannot be present yourself, please arrange for surveillance through your programme staff.  

Please point students to the student page of this instruction site and/or enter instructions into your Canvas course.