Creating an exam recipe

A test matrix in Remindo is called a 'recipe'. A basic recipe is just a list of questions in a fixed or random order. Remindo also offers advanced features, such as dividing the recipe into sections that are graded by different people, or defining question groups from which a random subset of questions is generated for each student. These features are explained below.

  • Information about the 'Recipe' page

    When you open a test matrix ('recipe' in Remindo) as created by the exam office, you will see a screen that looks something like this:


    1. Tests: You open a recipe from the Tests menu;
    2. Course: Choose the appropriate course;
    3. Name of recipe: The exam office always includes the exam date in the recipe name, as well as the course name and additional details;
    4. 'Rule': Each recipe contains a rule with only a placeholder question;
    5. Add questions: To start adding questions, click Add selection.
    6. Selects questions: All the questions which are added to the rule are selected. You can use this feature to randomize exams (for more information: 'Adding questions to a recipe - Randomization').
    7. Randomization per rule - Pin or Unpin the rule: When more than one rule is used they can be randomized by 'pinning' or 'unipinning'. When a rule is 'pinned' (in the screenshot) the rules will be assigned to students in the given order (for more information: 'Adding questions to a recipe - Randomization').
    8. Randomisation within or across a rule: The question order can be randomized within or across the rule(s) (for more information: 'Adding questions to a recipe - Randomization').
  • Adding questions to a recipe

    The process for adding questions to a recipe is explained in the video below.

    Don't forget to save the recipe and to click 'Approve recipe' at the top. Only approved recipes can be scheduled in Remindo. If you want to preview the recipe, please see our Previewing an exam page.

    • Assigning questions for grading

      The exam office only can assign grading per rule. If different open questions need to be graded by different people, please group their questions in a rule per lecturer and add their name as a description. Then, the lecturer will only see their own questions for grading.

      A rule can also be assigned as 'divide grading across multiple people' in the case of large exam.

    • Randomizing exams

      There are various possibilities to randomize an exam in Remindo. The screenshot below demonstrates some of the options for organizing an exam recipe.

      1. Select a number of questions from a rule: The first rule contains three questions, but each student will be randomly assigned two out of three questions (the menu displays 'Selects 2 questions'). This works well with larger item banks where you can generate unique exams per student.

      The question order can be randomized at two levels:

      Per rule:

      2. Unpin the rule: When the rule has been 'unpinned' (pushpin icon), this rule will be randomly spread across the exam. The questions within these rule would be offered in this specific 'group' of questions (according to the setting 'Randomly order questions within rule').   

      3. Pin the rule: When the rule has been 'pinned' (pushpin icon), this rule will be offered at this order in the exam for all the students. The question in rule 4 will be the last question of the exam for all students.

      Within a rule:

      Within a rule, there are 3 settings possible to set the order of the questions:

      4. Pin questions in given order: The questions will go to students in the order that is equal to the order you see in the recipe.

      5. Randomly order questions within the rule: The questions of this rule will go to the students in a random order.

      Please note: the questions of this rule still go to students as a group of questions.

      6. Spread questions randomly across the test: The questions of this rule will be spread randomly across the test. So the questions will not go to students as a group of questions.

    • Filter questions by properties

      It is possible to select a number of questions to a rule at once. You can use the filter function in Remindo to filter by various properties.

      1. Please go to the test recipe you want to add questions to (on - tests)

      2. Click in a specific rule on 

      3. Use the filter  to specify the questions

      4. Choose the type of filter, e.g. question property 'Course quartile + opportunity'

      5. Select one or more properties

      6. Click on 'Add', the list of questions is filtered now on the selected properties. The properties you filtered for will appear under the search bar.

      By checking the checkboxes you can select one or more questions from the filtered results.


  • Instruction video: Adding questions to a recipe