There are various actions you can apply to multiple questions at once. To do so:


  1. Select the questions you want to edit
  2. Click the 'lightning bolt' icon

There are various actions you can do, e.g. approving all questions at once. Another useful feature is to add properties:

There are several predefined properties that help categorize where a question will be used. They include:

BSc module

A list of bachelor programmes (e.g. B-PSY)

Course quartile

Academic year and quartile (e.g. 2018-2019 1A)

Exam type

Exam, resit, partial exam

MSc course

A list of master programmes (e.g. M-BME) 

If you want to mark the questions used in a particular exam, you can set values for programme, quartile and exam type. These can then be used to create the exam, and to filter out this question for future (re)use. 

Please note: when you have finished applying changes, you need to click  to clear the selection. If you forget this step, they will remain selected and your next set of changes will also be applied to them.