Large robot-technical companies have created the robotics platform Holland RoboNed in association with different Dutch educational and research institutions in 2010. RoboNed workshops show that there is a need for high qualified employees, who have been in contact with the state-of-art of robotics. The market requires for high qualified designers who have the knowledge of modern robot-technological issues. But above all they need employees who know how to work properly in a multidisciplinary design team who are dealing with solving complex issues.

EngD programme in Robotics

The EngD programme in Robotics focuses on creating technical solutions for the industrial sector (i.e. automatic welding robots), for maintenance and inspection (i.e. sewer inspection) and for medical use (like rehabilitation or surgical robotics). The track is based on functional and market based requirements and focuses on quality, environment, safety and sustainability. During the programme, you transfer results into technological innovation in industry and society. A methodological approach, who tackles the always present uncertainties, always comes first.

Employers of graduates of this EngD programme are often the organizations were the trainees do their design assignments. The branches of these organizations vary from large multinationals to smaller companies in the industrial, maintenance and medical sector.


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