You can contact the Writing Centre for individual help with specific writing problems, such as language issues, text structure, finding the right sources or citation issues. Or perhaps you have no idea why your writing is going so slowly, or what is wrong with your text.

The Writing Centre will deal with any question at any stage in the writing process. However, the Writing Centre is not a correction service. You will receive help, but you will still need to do all your writing yourself.

There are two ways to get individual help:


In the case of simple questions that require a simple answer, you can contact a writing tutor by e-mail. You will receive an answer within 3 working days.


Would you like to sit down with a writing tutor and discuss your text in detail? Then make an appointment for a 45-minute tutor session.

English text (PhD-students):
André Schenk

If necessary, your tutor may advise you to make a follow-up appointment or even book a third session. The number of sessions per student is limited to three. The location for the tutor sessions is in the library on floor 2 of the Vrijhof.