Required admission activities

Some bachelor’s programmes have additional selection and matching procedures you have to complete to get enrolled to the bachelor’s programme of your choice. These procedures contain mandatory activities and are fully arranged by the programme of your choice. Each programme has its own procedure. If you have not participated or have only partially participated, you will not be able to start with the programme, regardless of if you were conditionally admitted or not. Your application will be cancelled if you did not fully complete the mandatory selection procedures even if you already found housing, paid the tuition fees, etc. 


Matching will help you determine whether this study programme is a good fit for you and whether you have the motivation and study skills for the programme. The following bachelor’s programmes have a mandatory matching, which needs to be fulfilled as a requirement for enrolment. So, being (conditionally) admitted does not mean you have a guaranteed place within the programme. You have to fully participate and complete the mandatory matching activities.  

More information can be found on Studiekeuze123 (only available in Dutch) 

Note: deviating deadlines apply to this programmes 

Numerus Fixus 

Some bachelor’s programmes have a fixed quota, this means that there is a maximum of places available. The Bachelor's programme Technical Medicine (fully taught in Dutch), Psychology and Technical Computer Science are numerus fixus programmes. The places are allocated for the academic year 2023-2024 by means of selection. Being (conditionally) admitted does not mean you have a guaranteed place within the programme.  

Maximum number of places

 Note: deviating deadlines apply to this programmes 

For more information: 

Regulations selection and placement 

Studiekeuze123 (only available in Dutch) 


The bachelor’s programme ATLAS has the special feature small-scale and intensive education. This means they have a selection procedure and can set higher/addition admission requirements to get (conditionally) admitted. They have an in-depth look into your grades, study, extra-curricular activities, motivation, etc. 

 Note: deviating deadlines apply to this programme 

 Visit the website of the study programmes for more information about matching, numerus fixus (selection and placement) and Selection: