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Onassis Foundation Scholarship

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The Onassis Foundation Scholarship is for candidates who have Greek citizenship and/or nationality, or to candidates who have graduated from a Greek university and hold a High School diploma from Greece, regardless of their citizenship, provided that they have a legal residence permit in Greece.

The Onassis Foundation (hereinafter the Foundation) announces annually its programme of scholarships for studies in various countries, field and levels of study, depending on the strategic planning of the Foundation.

The annual scholarship announcement (hereinafter the Announcement) stipulates the terms and conditions for awarding a scholarship and it is posted on the Foundation's official website and published in the media.

Scholarships are granted to full-time students studying on campus. 

Scholarship value

Offered are 70 scholarships for postgraduate and doctoral studies in countries worldwide (countries other than Greece).

Monthly amount EUR 1000; additional allowance (for tuition fees or relocation expenses EUR 5000).

In selected fields of study and specialisations, provided that the applications for the specialisation are submitted and the relevant terms and conditions are fullfilled.

for full-time programmes of study at the place of study and not for distance learning programmes, unless distance learning is preferred by the university due to force majeure or public health safety reasons.

The maximum length of scholarships is 24 months for graduate (master) studies in countries worldwide or 36 months, only in cases where it is required by the programme of study, without any possibility of an extension.

Master's programmes
Applied Mathematics

As an applied mathematician, you occupy a key position in the scientific world. Through mathematical models, you grasp the essence of a problem and see links between seemingly unrelated phenomena.

Business Administration

In today’s evolving world it makes no sense to do business as usual. This Master’s turns you into an innovative, entrepreneurial business leader who prepares businesses for the challenges of tomorrow.

Chemical Science & Engineering

This Master’s will help you to develop novel chemical processes, materials and molecules and contribute to innovations that benefit our society in areas such as health, water, food and sustainability.

Computer Science

Computer Science is omnipresent in modern society. Latest hardware and software developments are crucial in domains such as social media, security, health, energy, ICT systems, finance and telecom.

Electrical Engineering

This Master's challenges you to develop new methods and technologies for high-tech electronics-based systems in nanotechnology, robotics, electronics, telecommunication or biomedical systems.

Health Sciences

This Master’s focuses on healthcare policy and organisation, with specific attention to the role of technology in healthcare.

Industrial Design Engineering

Combine design and engineering in creating innovative products that enrich people’s lives. During this two-year Master’s, you learn to optimise both products and the development processes involved.

Industrial Engineering & Management

Become a creative, multidisciplinary manager with both technological know-how and engineering and management skills and optimise processes and solve problems in complex, globally active organisations.

Mechanical Engineering

Become an expert mechanical engineer that focuses on the futureproof design, analysis and maintenance of machinery, structures, products and production processes.


Learn to develop robotic solutions to benefit industries and societal domains. You will cover all disciplines as mechatronics and AI, while addressing ethical, legal, societal, and economic aspects.

Countries eligible for this scholarship
  • Greece

Application requirements

How to apply

Onassis Foundation Scholarship