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With a Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Technology, you will join the ranks of enablers, leaders and game changers in the transition towards sustainable energy systems all around the world. You will be a broadly equipped energy authority combining technological expertise with by a solid, hands-on understanding of economics, policy and innovation.

SET graduates usually find exciting, challenging jobs within several months of completing their studies.

Depending on your interests and specialization track, you might launch a career with an energy or oil company, an engineering or consultancy agency, or a national or international organization in the energy or sustainability arena. Given our focus on entrepreneurship, you may also launch an innovative startup or initiate change in an organization or region.

Whatever you decide to do, your unique blend of qualities will make you stand out from the mass of graduates:

  • An understanding of how the energy transition can succeed
  • The expertise and creativity to harness the potential of new energy technologies for positive ends in regional, national or international contexts
  • The ability to work side by side with energy engineers, economists, public administrators and change leaders in rolling out sustainable energy solutions
  • A broad, cross-disciplinary perspective on the renewable energy revolution and skilfulness in communication, presentation and bringing different kinds of people together to create solutions for complex energy challenges
  • A personal drive to make the world a safer, cleaner, healthier and happier place
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