Organizations in the energy sector and related areas, along with parties involved in determining energy policy, express a clear need for graduates with advanced knowledge of sustainable energy technologies, including knowledge of how to introduce these technologies into society. Worldwide, biomass and solar energy are seen as promising renewable energy sources, while other promising sources differ from region to region. In the Netherlands, as in many other countries, energy from wind, sun and biomass are important options. Smart grids, hydrogen technologies and innovative batteries also hold great promise for helping society to create an energy-independent future.

In general, Sustainable Energy Technology engineers are employed as researchers, consultants or policymakers. Many are also employed in management positions.

Graduates work in industry at companies such as Essent Duurzaam BV, Kvaemer Process BV, Shell Global Solutions Engineering, KEMA Nederland BV, Siemens, ECN Novum, VEMW, Deerns, Det Norske Veritas and Stedin BV or other distribution network operators. Or at universities, such as the technical universities in the Netherlands.

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