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Are you interested in joining the Master’s Spatial Engineering after completing your Bachelor’s degree? In a number of cases, you might be required to complete a pre-master programme first.

What is a pre-master programme? 

A pre-master programme is a transfer programme for bachelor's students from a university of applied sciences (HBO) or a (Dutch) research university, who want to continue with a master's at a university, but do not have the required level of education.

The programme exists to help you make up for any deficiencies between the Spatial Engineering's entry requirements and your previous university bachelor’s or Dutch HBO programme.

Direct access for UT Bachelor's

Students who successfully completed their Bachelor's at the University of Twente and followed the minor GIS (mandatory) and the minor Remote Sensing (optional), have direct and unconditional access to the Master’s Spatial Engineering. 

Full-time, one-semester programme

This online pre-master programme, or transfer minor, dominantly aims at preparing you for the Master's Spatial Engineering. Upon successful completion of the programme, you have direct and unconditional access to this Master’s Spatial Engineering. It is a full-time online study programme of one semester with four courses:

  • Challenge: climate adaptation (5 credits)

    Upon completion of the climate adaption challenge, you are able to:

    • Identify and describe gaps in your knowledge
    • Plan, execute and reflect on the learning process needed to bridge the gap
    • Integrate knowledge in formulating an actionable challenge using the challenge-based learning approach.
  • Core knowledge (12.5 credits)

    The pre-master will provide you with core knowledge in:

    • Spatial Information science
    • Spatial Planning and Governance
    • Technical Engineering as in modelling the processes in system Earth.
  • Academic Research Skills (7.5 credits)

    Upon completion of the academic research skills course you are able to:

    • review scientific literature
    • plan and design scientific research
    • systematically process the results of scientific research
    • write scientific documents (literature review/research proposal/paper)
    • orally present and discuss scientific research
    • reflect upon the scientific research of peers.
  • Basis statistics (5 credits)

    Upon completion of the basic statistics course you are able to:

    • Probability density functions and concepts of correlations and regressions
    • Describe parameter uncertainty like variability, RMSE and R2
    • To be determined.

Starting date

You can enrol in the (online) pre-master in September.

Tuition fee


Motivation and capacity

It is good to know that this pre-master aims to attract students from universities of applied sciences (HBO) who have adequate motivation and capacities to complete an English-taught degree programme at university level.

Mathematics and English

At the University of Twente, we assume that your knowledge of mathematics and English is at VWO level. In any case, you need 120 credits from your current related bachelor’s, before starting this pre-master.

Is my programme sufficiently related?

In order to determine whether your current study is sufficiently related to Spatial Engineering, please check the Transfer Matrix.

Please note

If your current bachelor's involves a non-related programme, your application will be judged on the basis of an individual educational curriculum/portfolio and motivation letter. The admission board will review your application and decide based on the bachelor’s education (technical focus) if you are directly admissible, admissible under conditions (pre-masters) or not admissible.

How to enrol

If you are currently enrolled in a bachelor programme at a Dutch University of Applied Sciences (HBO), you can enrol for the transfer minor through the website of Kies op Maat.

If you already have a degree, you can enrol in the pre-master programme through the application procedure for the master on Studielink (apply for M Spatial Engineering chroho 60962).

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