In this video Programme Director Prof. Victor Jetten tells you all about the concepts, content and structure of our Master’s Spatial Engineering.

Developed in response to growing demand

Developed at the UT’s Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), the Spatial Engineering programme answers growing international demand for engineering professionals with a helicopter view and expertise in spatial information science. Key words in this Master’s programme are GIS and remote sensing.

David. E. Goldberg, Professor Emeritus Entrepreneurial Engineering, department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering (IESE), University of Illionois (USA), and co-author of 'A Whole New Engineer'
“It is a daring master’s programme that promises to deliver the ITC-style reflective engineering practitioner of the future who can integrate technical engineering, spatial information systems, and planning and governance knowledge and know-how in the real-world of wickedly complex problems we increasingly face.”

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