learning sciences

This specialization belongs to the master's programme Psychology.

People learn throughout their lives: individually, with others, at school or university, at work and beyond. This specialization will teach you to describe, explain and stimulate learning processes.

About Learning Sciences

The specialization in Learning Sciences (LS) focuses on educational psychology. You will learn to analyze pupils' individual differences and use this information to create ‘tailored education’, for example, programmes for children with learning disabilities, homework help for students with poor study skills, or adaptive support for educational software. You will also learn about the design models you can use to develop these interventions, or learning arrangements, and how to explore their effectiveness. 

For your Master's thesis, you will carry out this kind of research yourself. You will choose a subject or theme related to your field of study (for example, giftedness, team work, inquiry-based learning or test development) and, together with your advisor, think about how you will carry out your research. One possibility is to do it at an external institution; then you can also do a short internship to prepare for it. If you choose an internal assignment, you will also come into contact with teaching practices, of course: every project involves students and pupils.

Why this specialization? 

This specialization is unique in the Netherlands: it is the only Master's programme in Psychology, in which psychological principles of learning and instruction are combined with design and research skills in order to develop arrangements that help improve the learning process. True to the UT’s vision, ICT plays an important part in all this.                                                         

You will be trained to become a versatile educational psychologist, equipped to work at a number of companies and institutions in and around education. During your studies, you will work alongside (inter)national experts in the area of ‘Learning and Instruction’. Thanks to this specialization's small-scale nature, you will really have a chance to share with these experts and maximize your knowledge and skills.

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