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The Master’s programme in Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society (PSTS) is a two-year programme made up of 120 credits. The programme is taught entirely in English. You will receive a Master of Science (MSc) degree upon graduation. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in Natural or Engineering Science, Social Sciences, Philosophy or another relevant subject, you are welcome to enrol in this programme. 

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Double degree options 

The PSTS programme offers two so-called Link trajectories that lead to a double degree:

Read more about PSTS Link.

4TU track 

In addition to the regular curriculum and double degree options, students may opt for the 4TU Ethics and Technology track, which ultimately - upon excellent completion - may lead to a PhD. This option is interesting for PSTS students who consider a career in scientific research. Admission to this track is subject to entry criteria.

A combination of philosophy and technology

Every major activity in our lives today – whether it is work, recreation, learning, communication or travel - depends on technology. All major institutions in society – from government, healthcare and defence to education, religion and law – are increasingly dependent on technology, too, and changes in these institutions are largely technology-driven. In our PSTS programme, you will learn to understand and assess this pervasive role of technology in society. 

Modern technology has had many benefits for humanity, enhancing welfare and individual freedom. It has also brought hazards. These range from environmental problems to issues of rationalisation and alienation. In the PSTS programme you will critically analyse and assess the influence of technology on society.


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